About Me

I discovered my passion for Pilates after attending classes myself many years ago.  I really felt the benefits from going to Pilates once a week and I wanted to go more often.  With the stresses of everyday life and the aches and pains from sitting hunched over a desk and computer most days Pilates really helped me feel better and improved my posture.

After having children I was unable to perform certain physical activities but Pilates was great for me being a low impact exercise.  I like to understand how things work so I wanted to learn more and I wanted others to be able to feel the benefits from it too.  So with my inquisitiveness matched with my caring nature I decided to study again and become a Pilates Instructor.  With no previous background in the industry it is my own enthusiasm and desire to learn and grow as an instructor that keeps me dedicated to making others feel better.

It is inspiring to hear that people feel a positive effect after attending classes and they are able to perform the exercises more effectively after just a few weeks.  Even my doctor said he should go to Pilates.

I’d love to hear from you if you are interested, please Email, Call or Contact  Here


“Serena is a wonderful Pilates teacher.  She has the most calm meditative voice which helps to relax your body and mind.  Serena really cares about each individual person and will help by offering specific Pilates exercises into the session if you have a particular health issue or injury you are concerned about.  

You can guarantee feeling more relaxed and flexible at the end of the class.  I would thoroughly recommend Serena’s Pilates! “

Sue P

“Serena’s Pilates class is a brilliant tonic each week. A lovely moment in which to stop and have time to breathe slowly and deeply and reconnect with my body.  My frequent backache disappeared when I began regular classes and her voice is so relaxing. She is fantastic at noticing when I need to make a slight adjustment for a better stretch and I leave the class feeling energised.”


” I have been doing Pilates with Serena for five years now. I originally started her classes to replace a cancelled dance class but quickly found that it had many benefits beyond just exercise. Now, at the age of 73, I find that it helps with all those problems that ageing brings. I have less pain from arthritis, my knee and hip joints have both improved and, most importantly, I can get myself up from the floor! Through all the trials and tribulations of the pandemic, it formed part of a daily routine and, combined with a short period of meditation after exercising, kept me mentally balanced. I really recommend making it part of your life too “


“I love these classes, they suit every level of ability. I always feel comfortable working at my own pace, according to my own needs. Serena has a very peaceful persona. Classes are very relaxed & mindful too, with time spent letting go of stress & tension from my job. I particularly like the foot massage exercises & so do my aching feet! Going to Serena’s class is like giving my body a little gift.”

Wendy Kenny

“Serena is a very experienced and amazing Pilates teacher. Her classes are easy to follow as she has the ability to talk us through each movement so we know exactly what to do without having to constantly look at her. She is aware of each person in her class and tailors exercises for individuals where necessary. Serena uses her voice to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere, even when the exercise is challenging. I have learnt so much about my posture, such as holding too much tension in my shoulders, and many of the things I had been doing wrong in exercise. Her classes are always a complete experience and I always leave feeling taller and so much better than when I started” 


“I want to be more supple and improve my posture and Pilates helps. It also gives me a feel good factor! Apart from being a great teacher,  Serena is so friendly, you always receive a lovely welcome.”

Mary S.

“Pilates has become a way of life for me.  I wish I had started classes 10/15 years ago.  My body and well-being feel so much better when I have completed a class.  I feel more aware of how my body works and understand it more.  I am so glad I found Serena and Pilates, couldn’t do without it now?”


“I love attending Pilates classes with Serena. It’s the highlight of my week, and so beneficial, not just physically, but mentally too. There is a lovely atmosphere in class and I leave each session feeling refreshed and uplifted and physically better. I think everyone should try Pilates and definitely with Serena ?”

Louise Brizio

“Your Pilates classes give me the benefit of mental relaxation, together with gentle stretching of some very tense muscles! Listening to your calm voice explaining the exercises is very therapeutic and I feel refreshed afterwards.  Due to my personal circumstances I can only manage once a week, but given the choice I would definitely do more classes.”


“I have been attending Serena’s Pilate classes for a few years and enjoy each lesson.  Her teaching of Pilates is excellent and I have not only benefitted with my body feeling stronger and more supple but from the relaxation element and mental wellbeing.”

Nicky R

“I have been enjoying Serena’s Pilates classes now for a couple of  years now and I am so impressed with her knowledge of the body and how our movement effects other parts of our body. She is patient easy to follow, always a friendly and calming atmosphere and I always leave the class feeling great ??”

Linda P

“After many years of regular weekly Yoga classes, about 4/5 years ago, I migrated to Pilates with the lovely Serena and I’ve not been disappointed.  At nearly 71 years of age, I feel her cheery manner and body knowledge have kept me feeling in fine trim and mentally in a good place.

Serena is easy and fun to exercise with and is always very clear with her instructions.

I would recommend her classes for all ages, both male and female.  She is always mindful of each individual’s capabilities and suggests alternative moves for those less advanced or suffering from various ailments. Excellent!”